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Content System update

September 19, 2009
I finally got round to trying sphere.com's content system but unfortunatly it cant be used on this host. Checked out the documentation and there arent any free hosts like yola that it would work on so im affaid I wont be using or reviewing it here yet.

I may get round to using it for content on another test sites but I havent got the server resources to spare at the moment.

The other thing you could do is invest a little on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or if you have the money or are serious about SEO already then get a dedicated server. You WILL need a server sooner or later if your serious about search or web design / hosting. There is only so much you can do without one.

I may get round to testing it at a later date when some projects wind down but check back soon and as a sorry I may share some ways to get content for your site,for those of you that do have a server (VPS or dedicated). All you will need is a basic server with PHP, MYSQL and root access. If your thinking about going this route (which I highly recommend) check out weaselmail.co.uk. Untill next time check out some basicc server commands if your not ok with linux already and php accessing mysql and get ready for your free, fresh, new automatic content.

Content System

September 6, 2009
Want some good content for your site? Im trying sphere.com as a test. Let me know what you think if you have used this for desing or SEO in the past. Ill let you all know how it goes for me.

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WordPress security

September 1, 2009
After telling you all how much I like WordPress I feel I should respond to some of the WP security vulnerabilities that are out there. They are all concerned with trying to gain access to your admin dashboard. There was one a while ago regarding passing an array as the password then the latest vulnerability which is still on the WP site stating...

Posted August 12, 2009 by Matt. Filed under Releases, Security.

Yesterday a vulnerability was discovered: a specially crafted URL could be requ...

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Page Freshness

August 15, 2009
As I was writing my last post I was thinking about this but didnt have time to post right away. Its partly web design I suppose, as depending on what your site is your viewers may want the site to be different every time they visit or if its a reference site they would hope and expect the information to stay the same. This is mainly in my opinion an SEO post though due to google also being interested in your page freshness.

Google also thinks that page freshness is very important and also rec...
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Keyword Research

August 14, 2009
I have had a few email asking if its possible to check keyword combinations before committing to them, for search volume. A really quick and simple way to do this is to click on 'Advertising Programms' then 'Learn More' about adwords then click 'get keyword ideas' This will search for your keywords and also show you suggested keywords. It will give you search volumes, trends and competition. All very usefull. I'll write about some other tools when I have more time but wanted to get the easy k...
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